Environmentally Adaptable?

A conversation about how dangerous toxic environment for human being with Lia this afternoon made me realize that there is no other way than to leave. Why? Because you cannot change environment a.k.a people.

You won’t believe how adaptive human being can be. No matter what environment people live, they will shape themselves and adapt to the environment. Positive environment will produce positive individuals, while if you are surrounded by angry hot headed people, you will become like them more or less.

Have you ever find yourself blurted out random anger to people for small matters, non-principal thing? Do you think those people deserve your anger to them? Think again. Maybe it’s time for you to live, otherwise you will change into that person who you hate the most, little by little.

I am not hating you, but after thinking for a long while we never actually have things in common. There is only one thing that unites us and it is not enough base for us to be friends. You have taken me for granted for so many times that I lose counts. We need to end this abuse of friendship shit. Let’s be acquaintances the way we should be.

This one thing about someone who forced me to take down her photo on my social media with the worst attitude. I cannot accept it. If it is said nicely, I will take down the photo and we will still be friends.