Met him

Have you ever met someone and all you want to do is giving a hug, patting on the back and some words of "it's okay, I'm with you and you are fine" *continues the hug...
That is the first reaction when I first met this guy, he came up to the office looking grumpy as I have guessed. Just a "Hi" from me and nothing more. When my colleague asked him what does he want to drink, he said "water" or "air putih" and at that time his eyes darted on me. I swear to God, at that moment I just wanna reply "are you sure you just want a glass water? Because if you ask for the world right now, I might give it to you right away. LOL. *sigh
But then after that of course he is directed to my other colleague and I continued my work. But I must tell you, that day I could not work! LOL. My head is so full, I could not think. Why is he so beautiful. Arghhh... 

He is so beautiful. He is cold and ethereal. I tried really hard not to fangirl and I tried not to look too interested or too thirsty. Sorry... I have a pride monster to feed, so... 

Anyway, that day was indeed very short. I could not even take picture of him at all. I felt like something was about to explode from my chest. I wanted to cry and to hold someone but of course I could not. I just thought that if it was meant to be, I would be able to meet him in a better condition, better place without even trying. And it is better for me not to be able to meet him too long, otherwise I would have a longer starstruck! LOL

Anyway, I am glad we met. 

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