Mr. Bad Influence's Super Late Reply

Your email came on Wednesday, like out of the blue.. when I thought you would never reply, for whatever fuckeries out there that you wanna throw at me for excuses. It was fuckin new year email and you replied now. March. We are friends, remember?

I am kinda surprised that you even wrote longer than my actual email, with your lousy English.. which also meant you worked your ass out to make that email understandable for me. Thanks for that.

I was so busy, I hardly look at it again and I only had the chance now. I reread and I think I miss you more, dear Friend. Not sure how long have we missed our little conversations and all those stupid jokes.. I miss them all. I miss you and your stupid drunk pictures. I miss the time you emailed me everytime you went out to party. I miss you and your thousands little accidents of breaking your bones, cutting your skins, etc. You are a hardcore sloppy brat. I also really miss that rocker aura in you.. the bad guy who is actually an asshole, the cutest one. I miss you asking my room number (lol), I miss you… Jo3…

There was nothing happened but I don’t know why I cannot forget such a soul like you.. a fluff in a jerk skin.

Und ich muss sagen ich vermiss dich, wirklich uberhaupt nicht mehr…

Will I get the chance to see you again? Guess we can never stop hoping, right? You are forever Mr. Bad Influence to me *fistbumps… in ur face*

Ps: Thanks for the picture of this ski jungle shit you sent me. Why aren’t you falling from the slope already?!! LOL

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