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During mid 2014 until end of 2015 I was sort of hopeless about my job. I just keep praying that I would meet good people one day as colleagues to work with. It was sort of deep down inside, a wish that I thought would just be a wish. The answer came on the 20th of December when my boss at my current job contacted me saying they have one more position available. I got the job. The people at my current job are all kind and lovely. During my first two months working there I almost cried everyday thinking it was like a dream. My direct boss is 180°degree the opposite of my old time boss. Sometimes I looked at her for a while and think that if it were only a dream, I would wake up really sad. But no, this is not a dream. This is reality.

When there is a saying “You will never know what you got til it’s gone”, for me it is “I don’t want to know what I got (anymore) and I let it go”. I don’t want to look back anymore. I don’t want to even remember what was it like, how did it feel, I want to forget it. Indeed, it is a denial effort, but for me that is the only way I can move on and not looking back anymore. I don’t wanna look back ever again. I slowly erased things that make me reminded of that painful time and I managed to get rid of most of them.

I feel thankful that I am able to move forward and leaving all the pain behind. I started to work on the 1st of February and on the 2nd of February my boss told me that my consular colleague and me will go on a Consular Seminar on Copenhagen on April. It was like a dream. I could not hide my excitement and happiness. God., I was just asking for a peaceful workplace and You gave me an awesome place to work for and a bonus of a trip to Europe? Subhannal walhamdulillah walaailaha illallah. Allah is the Almighty. Everything is easy for Him. Even until today I still cannot believe my luck.

So, there is always a way out if you keep on trying, I guess.



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