Chris Hemsworth who???

Just a quick update. I met this guy. I met him. Not only met him, I talked with him for about half an hour. Meet and greet kinda? God.. what a rare chance. Indeed, he is more gorgeous in person than in photo. Photos did no justice to him. I am still "flying" because of the effect and believe me it is not even physical. I am really touched by his kindness. I hope I can be his staff for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, another photo of him and my immediate boss. My immediate boss is really a gorgeous woman.. Since the first time I met her, I have been stunned by her beauty. Ugh... why gorgeous people all over the place?! X_X Below is their pic together... Perfecto~ Secretly wish they were couple but they are not (ofc)

Brb to add more on the conversation part soon~ For now... good night :)

And I know I should do some first impression thingy for the new office but I keep on being lazy~ Sorry Brain... you're excited when my body is not. Sorry.. XDD

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