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During mid 2014 until end of 2015 I was sort of hopeless about my job. I just keep praying that I would meet good people one day as colleagues to work with. It was sort of deep down inside, a wish that I thought would just be a wish. The answer came on the 20th of December when my boss at my current job contacted me saying they have one more position available. I got the job. The people at my current job are all kind and lovely. During my first two months working there I almost cried everyday thinking it was like a dream. My direct boss is 180°degree the opposite of my old time boss. Sometimes I looked at her for a while and think that if it were only a dream, I would wake up really sad. But no, this is not a dream. This is reality.

When there is a saying “You will never know what you got til it’s gone”, for me it is “I don’t want to know what I got (anymore) and I let it go”. I don’t want to look back anymore. I don’t want to even remember what was it like, how did it feel, I want to forget it. Indeed, it is a denial effort, but for me that is the only way I can move on and not looking back anymore. I don’t wanna look back ever again. I slowly erased things that make me reminded of that painful time and I managed to get rid of most of them.

I feel thankful that I am able to move forward and leaving all the pain behind. I started to work on the 1st of February and on the 2nd of February my boss told me that my consular colleague and me will go on a Consular Seminar on Copenhagen on April. It was like a dream. I could not hide my excitement and happiness. God., I was just asking for a peaceful workplace and You gave me an awesome place to work for and a bonus of a trip to Europe? Subhannal walhamdulillah walaailaha illallah. Allah is the Almighty. Everything is easy for Him. Even until today I still cannot believe my luck.

So, there is always a way out if you keep on trying, I guess.




Chris Hemsworth who???

Just a quick update. I met this guy. I met him. Not only met him, I talked with him for about half an hour. Meet and greet kinda? God.. what a rare chance. Indeed, he is more gorgeous in person than in photo. Photos did no justice to him. I am still "flying" because of the effect and believe me it is not even physical. I am really touched by his kindness. I hope I can be his staff for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, another photo of him and my immediate boss. My immediate boss is really a gorgeous woman.. Since the first time I met her, I have been stunned by her beauty. Ugh... why gorgeous people all over the place?! X_X Below is their pic together... Perfecto~ Secretly wish they were couple but they are not (ofc)

Brb to add more on the conversation part soon~ For now... good night :)

And I know I should do some first impression thingy for the new office but I keep on being lazy~ Sorry Brain... you're excited when my body is not. Sorry.. XDD


Why Good Employee Leave? by David W. Richard

A study came up with the surprising finding: If you're loosing good people, look to their immediate supervisors. More than any other single reason, he is the reason people stay and thrive in organization. And he's the reason why they quit, talking their knowledge, experience and contacts with them. Often, straight to the competition.

"People leave managers not companies" write the authors Marcus Buckinggham and Curt Coffman " So much money has been thrown at the challenges of keeping good people-in the form of better pay, better perks and better training-when in the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue."

If you have a turnover problem, look first to your managers and supervisors.

Beyond a point, an employee's primary need has less to do with money, and more to do with how he's treated and how valued he feels. Much depends directly on the immediate manager.