New Year, New Job

Yep, that is my first menu for this year 2016. There will be 19 more days before my last day at my work. It was a tough decision and I decided to move on with my life. All people feel dissatifaction at my office, and they would just talk it out, bitch about it, but they miss one important step, to go away.
Isn't that a common sense for human being or for any living things to get away when things surround them is no longer giving them positive vibes? That is why I decided to move on although I don't know what the future can bring in front of me. There is always possibility that the new job would suck, yet I have to be there fo find out, right? I can't just imagine things while wishing things would get better by itself. I have to move on to survive. Yea, that is the reason why..

Back to where I started to work there, everything was expected to be long term. I expect things to work right, so that I don't have to have another search of job. I want to settle down and give my loyalty to this job, but later on there are too many pains in the way that I can no longer bear. I am not a crybaby, I can assure that. I deal with my hardship face to face. I have no problem with a lot of works and lack of money. For God's sake, I got paid only USD 100/month on my first job, yet I worked there for almost 4 years, and the reason for quitting was because I chose to accept a scholarship to pursue a master degree abroad. It is not because of my lack of surviving attitude, nor I was a weepy kind of girl.

There are so many good things that I found in this place that makes me feel grateful. Here are the things that hard to leave behind when I move on later:

1. Great Colleagues
If I may say, all the Indonesian people in my office are kind people. They are all supportive and fun to be with. Well, for my working comrade, Mr. S, he is one of the best colleagues ever. He taught me everything and he helped me a lot with works. I honestly think he always do 70% of the job while I do the rest, to assist him. I am very thankful to him for being a sincere colleague, for sharing his knowledge and all. For other people, they are very kind too. Secretaries are all very nice and helpful, technicians, drivers, security guards... super nice. One of my biggest worries is to move to other job and not having them as colleagues. Some people are mean, you know?! While these colleagues are collectively having good hearts. Irreplaceable!

2. Beautiful Working Environments
It has been the common policy of my employer to prettify everything on the look first before reaching out inside. It applies to office design up to looks. For office design, my office could be one of the most beautiful offices I have ever worked at. Everything is designed prettily, especially the gardens, guest rooms (yes, they have a room to accept guests), all the front parts that are usually seen first upon anyone's arrival at the building. They have gardeners who trim the plants everyday, so definitely no wild bushes or uncontrolled plant growth.
is the example of the garden corner~ Too beautiful!

3. Clean Toilet
I must say I am a number one appreciator of clean toilet because I can feel stressed out if the toilet in my office is somehow dirty and untamed. In this office, there are a lot of toilets and each of them are maintained well by special workers. There is one cleaning boy in each of floors, so yeah.. this is awesome. I can just go to any toilet I want. I usually do my business at guest toilet at the first floor because nobody there and I think it is more private. Hehe~ Yaay for clean toilet!!

4. Pretty Merchandises
I like pretty and cute stuffs. Sometimes my office provides that. For example, in the first month of my working there, my colleague gave me a mug with office sign in it. Not just some ugly mug, it is an expensive, very well made and the sign printed there is like what you get from buying expensive kitchenware. One day I will comeback and provide example~ Also, there were some presents from bosses from other divisions (my own boss never gave me anything, not a single thing), such as goodie bags, traditional fan, mirror, businesscard box... I can assure you they are all pretty and very beautifully packaged as well. Some people also gave me some snacks and crackers. Some of them are packed in beautiful see through plastic package, you can see it below~ 

The essence of it all is four pieces of crackers, that's all. But they are packaged prettily, probably with the hope that people would forget their nature and got swindled thinking they are four pieces of expensive chocolate from Switzerland. That big fat hope, tho~! This is just one of the many~ If I can actually find the stuffs, maybe I will upload more here, but I cannot promise~ 

Those are the things that I love from my office. I think it will be hard to get the same things later when I am no longer there. So yeah, apparently there will be some things that I will miss from this office. 

5. Attending Cool Events

My office is representing something very famous in Indonesia nowadays, therefore many people are coming to seek for "fortune", recognition, etc etc. That is probably the reason why we got invited into many famous social events, and we also hold many social events to promote ourselves. For this I must gather some photos from my old albums. Here are some of the events that I visited~
SCTV Awards 2015
Jakarta - Korean Film Festival
Now since I am done with the good stuffs, later on I will come back with the reasons why I decide to leave. They are painful and I need a separate post for that.

For you who are reading this, thank you for reading and coming by at my blog. I hope you like your stay. Happy New Year 2016 for all. May you all live prosperous life and be happy in 2016.


ps: If you don't know me IRL, you might be confused of what kind of office am I talking about, but I deliberately not mentioning it due to avoidance of lawsuit in the future (if there is any)

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