BL stuff and Plan B shittery

If you are familiar with the term BL then maybe you can understand what I'm writing. I've been an 60-70% J-pop lovers (not sure if this can be categorized as otaku) since forever, yet I don't like anything with BL in it. It is just a matter of taste, nothing more. Yet, lately I browse around instagram and found a cosplay couple named Baozi and Hanna, and they are so cute together! Is it possible that I don't like BL but I like Baozi and Hanna (especially when they do cosplay as my recent fave chara Mikazuki Munechika and Kogitsunemaru... to cute!!)

Btw.. today I was a bit upset..

One of those 비서들 asked me if I wanna watch movie with her.. I was happy but then I asked, "who will come with us?"

She answered.. "Oh they were all cancelling" which also means she called me bcos she didnt find anyone to go to cinema with her.

You know what I mean? Why people are so mean? Only asking people out after her own friends cancel the appointments.. That makes me feel worthless.. I said no tho~

People are mean, especially the selfish one who initially did not want our company, but then due to some reasons they must shove their "disliking" and decided to just go with the available resources. No sincerity in whatsoever. There is only selfishness and egocentric mind of utilizing the others to fulfill one's needs.

I hope people know that the world does not work for the favor of a few people. Everyone is the same and people will always harvest what they grew. You grow shit, you harvest shit. As simple as that.

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