High Eyes

Something hilarious happened yesterday as I showed the picture of Mr. Five10n to Sungwon.. He got heavily criticized for being less handsome. OMG!!! In my eyes, he is almost perfect (nobody is perfect). Added with those beautiful manners and lovely heart. I'm totally sold. Yet, that doesn't go for Sungwon. Well, Sungwon is extraordinarily pretty, so it's understandable that she expects handsome guys as her BF. I was literally speechless when the first word was "UGLY". How can it be..? For me Mr. Five10n is attractive, even from the smallest size of passport photo, he is intriguingly mesmerizing. Gowd! Sungwon got no taste!!! *mad* ><
Sungwon also said he got small shoulder. Oh God... those shoulders...
THOSE SHOULDERS!! *speechless*

Let me tell you one thing, Missy~ I care less about physical appearance.. but since the day I met Mr. Five10n, I have been plotting a dramatic headache while nobody is around.. so that he could say.. "Here.. lay your head on my shoulder". His shoulders are wide enough, ok? That criticism is invalid and you make him looks as if he is some thin junkie guy.. no! He is a sporty guy on his best normal-non-bulky figure. He is perfect (I dislike Rambo-type of body).
The second problem for Sungwon was his teeth. She said he got too many teeth. IDGI. How can a person got too many teeth?? He is not even half t-rex. Ugh!!! I was actually mad IRL at Sungwon bcos of this bashing but then I realize.. you need to meet this guy in person to know how precious he is.

I am one of those lucky people who can get to know him a little bit deeper and experience first hand his warmth and kindness. He is not as handsome as actors or idols.. yet, between normal people he is surely stands out. No doubt. Sometimes I think God is mean... but no, He never is. He just wants to show me that between all the shits I have to face, there are still some things that worth to be appreciated.

Mr. Five10n is certainly the latter. Again, I'm so glad we crosspath. Even 10,000 people say you are ugly, I would still think you are gorgeous... added with your good attitude+awesome heart, you are TO DIE FOR ;-)