Without You MV - a few scenes that tells so much

I just stumbled upon this MV just now in youtube. This is a song by Ahn Jungyup, known as Jungyup, a singer from Korea. This is one of his singles back in 2011, I think. Back then when I was in Korea, I listened to this song a lot. FYI, I tend to listen to songs that I like multiple times a day, in certain period of time. This song was released on autumn. If you hear the melody you can feel the autumn-ness in this song. I just want to talk about the MV of this song. The scene is actually not much and the director used slow motion most of the time, if not all the time. The scene is started by a girl sitting in a cafe by herself, just enjoying a cup of coffee. Until suddenly rain poured hard and she tried to save her belongings, her phone, magazine... and suddenly she saw a guy (whom I interpreted as her ex-BF) who was also walking in fast pace getting soaked in rain. The girl's face is suddenly lighting up, as if she remembers her memories with the guy. She ducked her face and smiling. When she looked at her ex, suddenly her expression changed. Something caught her by surprise. She saw a girl walking next to her ex, and he looked like he tried to protect her from the rain by putting his coat in that girl's head. He opened a car's door for the girl and he suddenly caught the eyes of the girl in the cafe. Their eyes met. The guy looked hesitating, as if he wanted to approach her but the girl in the cafe shook her head slowly in disagreement, she smiled a beautiful smile. The man still hesitating, but he seemed to decide to leave. He saw the girl in the cafe once again and the girl nodded in approval.

I don't know if it's only me but I can tell the actors of this MV are very expert in acting. I grab the message right away through their expressions. Wow! From the phase of hoping (that the guy would approach her and maybe they can restart again) to the phase of approving and probably even giving her blessing for her ex-BF to move on with his life and his new GF. You need to have a big heart for that. Somehow I think the two of them still have at least a little love in them, but they moved on with their lives, though they couldn't hide the spark when they met again. Could you do that if you meet your ex one day? To be happy for him/her with their new lives? For me... I am not sure. For I always ended up my relationship with a huge war. Isn't that sad?


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