The Scandalous HEART

What do you think if you see a photo of fingers making shape of heart? I bet you have seen that kind of photo almost everywhere. You can type the word "heart" in Google, and it will pop out. Now I will tell you something funny about a photo I made that drive people crazy because of various reasons. Please look at the photo below.

In a glance, it looks like a photo that you can easily be downloaded from the internet, but the truth is I took it myself. I took the photo and the hands in the picture are the hands of a male friend. At that time I saw that the sunset created a beautiful colour in the sky, so I asked Ojun, that friend, to make a heart sign with the beautiful sunset as the background. The actual result was not that marvelous, but then I edited it with kakao story application, voila... it becomes more dramatic and very hipster. Anyway, that is the story.

The thing is my friends won't just let it slide. First of all, my bestie, Niken, she was very worried of the process of shooting that photo. At first she thought I used my mouth to take that picture. When I told her, they were not my hands, she was shocked and demanded explanation. Hahaha. Now you know I have a mom who has the same age as me, younger by half year to be exact. I asked her, what does she have in mind before revealing the process. She thought I was inside Ojun's arms with my camera while taking the pictures of his hands. I went speechless... How could she? I had a hard time to imagine what she said, until I remember a scene from Ghost, the movie with Demi Moore in it. Yea, I'm old. I know this movie, never watched it. Just google it yourself, you will know. Oh my God? My dear Lord? Yeah... Niken went that far *shakes my head in disbelieve* Of course the process was not like that at all. Well, Ojun just needed to lower his towering body to be as high as my camera, and then I positioned the camera beside his head (I was behind him) and there you go~ clicked! Seriously, I don't have to be in his arms to get this picture. SMH.

It doesn't stop until there. My colleagues were actually suspecting that the hands showed in the picture were actually Ojun's and mine. Please guys, hit me with a shovel at the head or something. That won't happen, he has a girlfriend and what would he think? They caught me off guard. I was so shocked hearing it because I think the hands in the picture are symmetrical and it doesn't look like the picture was made by two different hands. Please look again. Anyway, no. This one was Ojun's hands, while there is also other photo which Ojun took a photo of my hands with the heart shape, at different place than the photo above (the photo above was taken near Telaga Warna, FYI).

Well, this explanation is too long but that how it goes. I just wish you guys enjoy the photo more than the process. Believe me, I won't do something weird only to get this kind of photo.

Warm hugs from a photographer wannabe,

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