What does it mean when you wake up in the morning, thinking about one particular person, the same person, for a few days already... but it's kinda sad thought.. because you know s/he will be away from you in a few months. It's still couple of more months to come but you can already feel the empty place it creates. What is it?


No, not again! No, I know love~ It's not like this.

It's probably the feeling of a person who consumes pure oxygen in a tank everyday... but s/he knows that the oxygen tank stock is decreasing. That depressing. Yea, it feels like the world is gonna collapsing soon, when the last oxygen tank is finally gone.


How many times in this life I have to feel this kind of pain? I really want to know. I really do.

For a bestie who will leave me stranded in this foreign land. As long as you're happy, Darl~

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