The death of this little spark

by Iseiya Jun

The day we met was a warm spring day...
You're a little sunshine in a grey dawn.. yes, you 
and your subconcious softness that creeps beneath the morning breeze..
It's a little late to withdraw attention when the whistle is blown...
Desperation dragged into your direction with no halt..
as an effort of stopping a rain pour,
Turning off a raging flames,
Shutting off the flashing thunder,
Hold the hope, Dear!
Care to share this growing pain?
Too late... it's a white flag.
It's a surrender, it's sad and stuck.
Can I stay a little while?
Despite the heart that bleeds the truth, you are a gift of rainbow after the storm..
that doesn't stay for good~
As woods turn to ashes..
Sugar dissolves in solitude..
Dew vapours in a sunny wave hello..
The night suffocates the day..
The way your hands slipped from my grip..
I see you drift away..
and the end emerges our way.
No one to blame on the shattered heart, my Dear..
though you had your part..
on the death of this little spark.
Like innocent warmth spread..
on top of a freshly baked of soul.
Good morning, Heartbreak!

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