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While I was browsing my tumblr I found this manga picture. I bought this manga when I was around 10 or 11 y.o. What did a little girl knows about arrange marriage, elope, and falling in love, huh? No idea. LOL~
I love the artworks, the plot and the jokes in this manga. It is hilarious beyond compare and to think back around that time.. I never liked Liutenant Shinobu Ijuin and prefer Tosei (in Indonesia he is called, Boss Editor) for Benio's husband.. (Benio is the female main character) *soft spot for bad boys in such early age.. OTL My first big lesson that to love doesn't mean to be together.. *cries a river for Tosei*
Anyway.. two years ago, this manga was re-printed into deluxe edition.. and I could only find vol.1 and 3.. searching for vol.2 and 4. If you spot one, kindly message me? ;)