Stand By Me

This morning I found myself humming over the OST of the new Doraemon movie entitled "Stand By Me". Such a beautiful song sung by a singer named Motohiro Hata, "Himawari no Yakusoku" that means Sunflower Promise.
I am one of those people who were really touched by this movie. I just watched it on my friend's TV and I felt like I could cry right away.
The truth is, I always have a hard time dealing with goodbyes to almost everything that I have become accustomed to... just like Nobita who cannot stand with the thought of living without Doraemon. At first it looks like he was being selfish because he wants Doraemon's helps to be always available in his life but later it shows how Nobita actually cannot lose a precious friend like Doraemon.
Is it true that in life we need to let go? How about precious friends, when they want to go, should we let them go? For me, it's been like a two way door that can be opened from the inside and outside. Let's imagine that people actually walk inside your life through that door, while some other get out of your life and not coming back?
It has been hard for me.. I am probably the most stagnant person in this whole planet... I hate changes. I want everything to run normally as long as possible.. without changes or such. Too bad it's impossible since humans are dynamic living creatures. There were, are and will be changes. I just thought I could go on in this life if I have my friends with me. Yet, people grow.. Changes are prone to occuring and there is not enough people to handle.each of them.
>> continued <<
When I'm sleepy... I wrote non sense.. Look at the sentence above.. *chuckles*
Anyway... I think I'm done with this entry... ain't gonna continue it ^^
This song makes me cry. The lyric is deep and it hits right on my chess.
For people who keep their past under their noses... because beautiful memories are worth to keep...
Even if it ain't gonna happen again..

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