Soobin Start

I start my weekend with some scolding at Soobin's twitter page. I think he won't read it.. but if he reads it.. I'll make sure he understand. I'm kinda pissed with the fact that he doesn't want to do sns for whatever reason bcos he used to do it and he seemed to enjoy it, so why not now? I literally had to seek for his face at his teammates' sns.. like today~ I found his face at Yoo Hee Kwan's instagram. This brat is playing hide and seek or what? He has been a popular baseball star but now I think his popularity is decreasing bcos of his lazyness.. in addition to the fact that Doosan rarely feature his face at the team sns. Too annoying to handle...

Okay... it's Valentine's Day so... have a happy weekend whatever.. I don't celebrate that shit even when I had BF so...? Pointless it is!


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