My Soft Spot for TOKUSATSU Actors

I don't know since when but I always have soft spot for tokusatsu. If you don't know tokusatsu, here is the "definition" that I copy from wikipedia:
Tokusatsu (特撮?) is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects (tokusatsu literally translates as "special filming" in Japanese).
Now if I could point my finger on someone who should be responsible over this.. then I'd like to point my finger on Kurata Tetsuo-san. Kurata-san is the actor who plays Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Rx, Kamen Rider Black, etc. He played this role 27 years ago. I recall myself watching Kamen Rider religiously when I was a little child. My eyes were fixed on Minami Kotaro for the whole show.. Indeed, he was, is and has been a charming and gorgeous man.

An otaku friend on college gave me a postcard from anime magazine with Minami Kotaro face on it.. I was almost tearing up to accept such present for I love Kotaro Minami dearly. Sonny, wherever you are... thank you, man.

Still about tokusatsu, I went to a friend's house yesterday... without knowing that local tv station will have Kurata-san as their guest that day. In the morning I just woke up as usual. My friend offered me to join them going somewhere but I was lazy to shower, etc so I ended up staying at their house while they have some interview at their children's school regarding elementary school that will be attended by their first daughter. Out of boredom I change the tv stations until I found this lame show about music mainly with the worst MCs and unclear concept... the MCs are like the stup*dest.. they barely speak English and their common knowledge is just unbelievably low.. (not sure if they are required to play dumb when they do the show). They were inviting the casts of local superhero series.. I just empty mindedly watching it until the MC said they invited "a legend on superhero series"... Couldn't help the thought that it could be Kurata-san... it turned out true. After waiting for thousand and thousand of mindboggling ads, finally Kurata-san came out. OH MY GOD!! HE IS STILL HANDSOME AND CHARMING AND ALL!! ARGHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU KOUTARO MINAMI!!! He showed up with jeans and shirt.. he wore a necklace as well. Damn he looks so fine and his voice is so deep! Guhhhh!! Of course those useless MCs must asked stupid questions, etc. They act stupid as well.. So ashamed~ T_T Anyway... well I have to be thankful though.. It's such a rare chance for me to watch such miracle (for I don't watch TV in general)~

I think my fondness over Kamen Rider is the root of my fondness over tokusatsu until now. Too bad that now Japan uses too much bishounens as their tokusatsu... well, this does not really matter actually if the actor can beam out their alpha male quality for the people to see, because as you know some bishounens can be even prettier than real girls (frustrating much, yes).

So yeah... I like those from Goggle Five, Kamen Rider Kiva (Koji-kun♥), Kamen Rider Den-o, etc. How I wish Indonesian tv will broadcast tokusatsu series like they used to...

Nite nite,

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