From Koji-kun to Kamisama~

Last night was just fun...

I finally re-unite with a long time roommate in Korea. She's a Japanese girl, a pretty one. The funny thing is that we talked in Korean instead of English or Japanese. When I first met her in our 기숙사 I always talked to her in English because way back then my Korean sucked really bad... well now it still sucks but I got the basic lessons so it's okay to have a proper convo with a user of Korean as second language. It turns out that she also studied untul Level 2 Yonsei, while I studied until level 4 (real level is probably 2nd level tho.. lol).

It was begun when we talked in instagram and then I just asked her to add me on Line. When she did, I almost jumped in excitement. We talked from 8.30 - 11:50pm. I think we are both very excited~ Hahaha.. very funny! We talked about Japanese guys... those ikemens yes and also about works. You won't believe what I heard from her about Korean bosses and companies... anyway, I ain't gonna talk about it here.

The other amusing thing (I find this amusing), once when we talked about Seto Koji... nothing in particular.. we just discussed what we think he will feel being all pretty and cool in the same time.. I jokingly told her "he must be very thankful to God everyday for giving him such a handsome face". She replied me "well, it's just hereditary, you know. He will thank his parents for that". Ohhhh... yea... I think probably my friend doesn't really have a belief, so yeah... everything is supposed to be logical and viewable. My first lesson. Hahaha...

Oh this is the guy we talked about... a super cute rising star (lol)


Isn't he a ball of cute fluffy boy? I love Koji-kun!! >< ♥ ♥ 

I am really glad that we get along well because at first I think it's gonnabe hard to get along because we both cannot find a better language than Korean to be used in our conversation. It turns out alright, so I am really happy. I think it is better for my understanding as well because my interaction with Koreans using Korean only left me with confusion later on the conversation because my vocabs are limited... and they can get irritated or impatient... but with my Japanese friend, I hope it will work fine. I am working on my Japanese as well. I hope I can speak Japanese one day and probably meet her in person again after a few years not seeing each other.. but this time maybe we should meet in Japan? I wanna go to Japan... if only money is not the issue here. *sobs*