That Question: Kenshin or Takeru?

Someone at twitter popped a question I never thought will ever be uttered... that makes me think deeper. I actually made a separate post about Himura Kenshin and Satoh Takeru and how I think he did the role but the question that just popped up from a twitter friend makes me think the whole scene again. The question was:

Do you like the character of Kenshin Himura or the actor?
I must say I was really caught off guard. I typed, erased, typed again… until I decided to say it’s the anime character that I like the most.

In correlation to this matter, I watched dorama entitled Q10 (Kyuuto). It was the 2nd episode that shows a boy, Heita’s classmate, who is infatuated to Kyuuto who looks like a character in a manga he likes. He said “It’s a dream of an otaku to see his/her character comes to life in 3D or 4D form”. It is basically true because that is how I feel towards Himura Kenshin. I always wonder on how he’s gonnabe when he is alive. I thought nobody can actually resemble him because he is just perfect in my eyes. He is gentle towards women, he is very helpful, he helps Kaoru doing house chores (can you imagine a Japanese man doing house chores, not in million years!!), being all goofy and serious in the same time, and he never speaks higher than 2 octaves… he never raises his voice except screaming at his enemies in battle… I really see no one can play as Himura. He is looking all young and energetic, yet mature in life, and sometimes goofy and stupid. The first time I knew Satoh Takeru got the role in Ruroken the movie, there was no I way I think he could pull it off because he is too pretty but he doesn’t look strong at all which I was totally wrong. He specially trained himself to use the sakabatou, he even learned martial art and used less stuntmen at the filming. Although he has a lot to fix, he tried his best to be manga/anime Kenshin which is not an easy job to do. I am really glad he did what he did because as a part otaku myself, I am happy to find him doing Himura Kenshin. Himura Kenshin comes alive and I am really happy about it. I watched Kyoto Taika Hen once and the Legend Ends three times to just really absorb the fact that Takeru so much resembles Kenshin.
In this stage I think I might admit that I got swayed a lot by Takeru’s act on Ruroken which then leads me to study him further *coughwatchinghisotherdoramasandmoviesevenhissinging* and here I am being his Noona fan. LOL~

What I like about him is his mysterious nature and mature aura that contradicts his goofi-ness sometimes. I am intrigued on how he is such a stiff younger brother for his own sister and mother, yet he speaks warmly on the radio. Moreover, what kind of person who can make friends with Morita Takahashi, the vocalist of a rising rock band One Ok Rock. Taka is a brutal hentai, while Takeru is a reserved type, I think. It's a really rare occasion to see him moving around beyond controls, it's as if he moves everyday according to script? Hahaha.. Nah~! Just a joke... but compared to Taka of course Taka can be the more talkative one (?). Anyway... I find them adorable when together. Like a pair of tank top and shorts? LOL~ Okay that is weird.. I guess I just can't stop blabbing so I will quit it here. Have a fun Monday... ^^

Oh wait... have I set the conclusion here? Well for me if I have to choose Kenshin or Takeru, well I will probably arguing on irrelevant it is to compare a chara and an actor butttttt... if you insist maybe I slightly like Himura Kenshin more? Yet, I found out that maybe there's nobody who can play the role as awesome as Takeru. Confusing? Yeah.. sort of, but that's my take in answering this super important question.


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