Kimura-sama (Part 3)

Good morning ^^
I just woke up. Lol~
I woke up with so much things on my head.. plus heavy chest as well. It's almost impossible to breathe~
I watched 2 episodes of Asunaro Hakusho  (Japanese drama, produced around 90s) yesterday at the office and I couldn't help the attack of memories that I have on my junior high school years (same as grade 7-9?). This drama is actually about a bunch of boys and girls studying at university. They fall for other person in the group, but none of them are able to be a couple. It's like a chain of evil... A → B, B → C, C → D, D → E. It's not like that but more or less it's as complicated.
I fall for Takuya-sama in this drama though I did not think he looked that handsome in this drama. Now that I look at it again after 18 years, I think he looks as gorgeous as he is now. I just cringe a bit to that short stiff hair but the eyeglasses return the charisma he has.. Yea, he has been gorgeous just the way he was. He looked so cute, yet Toride Osamu (the character's name) did not feel confident and he always envied Kakei Tomatsu who was more popular between girls. It became more tragic when Osamu liked a girl from their group, Sonoda Narumi, but she liked Kakei. When Osamu finally confessed his feeling to Narumi, Narumi rejected him saying she liked someone else. I remember that I cried during that scene. My heart ached for Osamu...

I need to download that drama and watch it. Takuya-sama looks so awesome in there... everywhere basically *chuckles*

He is just beautiful in whatever form of role he's doing. Oh God~! 

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