A fluffy puff of cotton hovers on the blue sky...

Today I got this view from my office window. It's really calming, isn't it? I can just watch something like this for hours~ I actually did this a lot in the past.. years ago, usually after I went back from school. My house doesn't have attic, so it needs some "efforts" to do this hobby of mine. We own a self-made ladder and I just usually dragged it up to the back of the house, so that I can perch on top of the wall... It is something really calming to do..

I don't know why but I find house top looks quiet and peaceful.. I like looking around house tops from my wall and think how awesome it is to be able to provide protection and shade for people who live under it.. Also, nobody is around.. only those house roofs.. and wind.. and cloud~ I love this view..

When you do have the time.. just lay back and watch the sky when it's clean and full of clouds... I promise it will bring peace for you~ Just think those clouds as puffy cotton puffs.. so soft!! ^^

Hope you have a great weekend ♥ Here is a picture from my office window a few days ago that inspires me to write this ^^


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