A little...

The thought of you pops in my daily life...
It casually creeps on things I do or things I say.. about anything~
It can casually comes out as general knowledge whether you like things or you dislike them..
It just slipped out... sometimes I failed to stop it.. it came out just like that

"You like this, you dislike that...
You said this, you said that..."

I don't even know how I know all of that.

When you made those glaring photos, I often wonder what was actually you were thinking of because it really feels like you hold fire~
Stay away but don't go away kinda stare?

When I begin to notice little things, I know how actually I've gone too far. I just think I could always get back whenever I want but recently it's getting more and morr difficult to get out..
Sometimes I think maybe I can just stay inside and not moving around but it is impossible.

When will it snow in summer?


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