Kimura-sama (Part 2)

I should thank you for a lot of things...
What can I say? My teenage years are filled with you as someone I truly adore..
The first drama was Ordinary People.. You were shining a little too bright for a supporting role~ it was really hard to find your name because I did not even have the access to internet.. I had to figure it out with magazine or I dunno..
On my 2nd grade of senior high, we met again at Long Vacation drama. You were even more shining than before. I guess I fell in love with you hard..
How did I know? I remembered being all gloomy for the whole weeks after 10th episode when you made love with that old lady.. my heart broke to pieces.
I guess I really had no ability to differ reality vs imaginary~ Could you tell that at that time I did not even know what sex it.. but I saw you under a blanket and topless.. I guess you shoved those "knowledge" to me without my consent...
Ah Kimura-sama.. how could you~~~
But you still gorgeous tho.. all the things that I want in a man.. physically, I mean..
You are around 178, not too tall.. enough to surpass my height~ Your body is slim but somehow you still managed to be manly even without the obvious fitness centre molded body.. You look more like a musician to me (you will make a good rock band front liner, gain lots of popularity from lots of groupies) and I was glad to find out that you play music instruments and you composed songs as well.. and of course SMAP~♥

Now probably some people call you Uncle but to me you still are the same... the way you smile.. the way your eyes shine... they just never change~ Can I say you age with grace..
Remember my promise to marry you? Even if you ask me to marry you now, I would be more than glad to say yes.. This is crazy but yeah... you are my ideal type crumpled into one person.. Bear with it, will you?

Btw, do you have doppleganger somewhere that I can marry to? LOL


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