Kimura-sama (Part 1)

Do you have a person whom you think you always love even years after years... Who is it? I bet you have someone like this in your life. That can be real person, or can also be celebrity or anything. For me it has always been Kimura Takuya. My infatuation for celebrities come and go but for Kimura Takuya, it goes until now. I started to like him when I was in my 7th grade of junior high school. I saw him on a dorama entitled "Ordinary People". ​Since then I have watched a few drama with him... and I love all of them. 

Why do I like him? I am wondering about the answer because maybe I don't know why. If people think he is handsome... I really have to take a look again, because I think there are more people who look better who makes me went head over heels but then... poof~ the love is gone. To me he is not that smoking gorgeous or handsome... but I like his face. It's just cold, very manly but there's softness when he smiles. Isn't he a piece of heaven? *inserts tons of heart emojis*

​I'm actually in the middle of working, so ​this is some kind of time corruption but here we go.. LOL

About Kimura-sama, I always say something like this to my friend which sometimes makes them cringe.. LOL
"I'm gonna marry this man. If not in this life, then it's gonnabe in the next life (if there is any)."
I just think he fits into all the aspects that I want in a man. He doesn't have that six pack thingy, he's not that tall but not to tiny either. He has a very nice smile... Guh, his wife is probably the luckiest woman in this world. And to be honest I never heard any bad rumors about Kimura-sama regarding his marriage life. Isn't it a good thing...
Yet, if I position myself as his wife, maybe I really have to struggle not to be jealous because he always makes a good chemistry with his co-stars on movie/dorama. In additional, if I were his co-star in a drama, it would be really hard for me not to fall hard on this guy. I mean, it's Kimura Takuya... how can you get a chemistry without putting yourself right in the middle of the whirlwind.
Not mentioning those hot photos on An An magazine... if I were his wife, I would burn all the existing copies~ Oh God... see why I will never be able to marry him? ROFL

Okay enough with this craze... Back to work!!! 
Aaaand... I dunno if there will be Part 2 of this post. Just in case I wanna write about him in the future... because sometimes I have soooo much things to say. I have history with this guy, yet he never acknoledge it so... yeah! LOL #shutup

The picture above is his picture while he runs to our wedding party. 

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