APPRECIATION NOTE: Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (Part 1)

If you know me, you will know my love towards the anime Samurai X. It was like the gate to my appreciation towards Japanese culture and its "products". I remember pretty vividly that time when me and a few of classmates (whom one of them is still in contact with me until now regarding this J-stuffs) were so crazy in love with the anime and we would go head over heels every morning, discussing what was happening on the yesterday's episode. Beside the anime itself, we were also crazy for the opening and ending songs, a.k.a the OSTs. If they change it, we will just look around to find the lyrics~ How fun! At that time we did not use too much internet and we just solely relied on magazines. It was a wonderful time. The waiting to watch the anime aired every afternoon and all the fuss around it. I even got a beautiful poster of the movie from a very good friend of mine who kindly gave it to me for a birthday present and God knows until when that poster was actually hanging on my wall in my room... I think my Mom put it down when I was in Korea for straight two years (Mom always tried to throw away my stuffs when I am gone T_T). Samurai X, in this case Himura Kenshin, has created so much beautiful memories for me during my Senior High School, which is why when the Live Action is being played here in Indonesia I just promised to myself that I gotta watch it as much as I can. I watch this particular movie three times! I just love it that much~!

Back to the movie The Legend Ends~ No words can describe the overwhelmed feeling when I saw it for the first time. The first time I got a seat in the middle. It was really in the middle... guess what? I got dizzy watching the fighting scenes... For better enjoyment, back seats are the best, no matter which sides are you in (left, right, center doesn't really matter).

Now I would just write the impressions that I have in the movie randomly... because in that way, it will be more enjoyable, right? For the first thing, I want to write about something light...

1. Hiten Mitsurugi and Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki
I will be honest. I always thought that these two are different technique, to be exact the latter is the former's development. That is actually not true. The explanation is here CLICK, from the movie itself I have a scene that really stunned me because it's uber cool. When Kenshin slashed Shishio with Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki, Shishio looked like he was caught off guard.. he murmured "Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu" ... Kenshin slides and then he replied "Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki"... TOO COOL TO DESCRIBE!! It's like "No, it's not the style that beat the shit out of you, Bitch!!" ROFL!! You just have to see Shishio's face... man, that's priceless~! That monster has no fear or shock and when the ultimate technique is performed, he was just astonished beyond words. Nice move, Kenshin!

2. The thing between Kaoru and Kenshin
This is what I see very very Japan in this movie. I myself is a very expressive person, that is why I find Kenshin is a very intriguing person. There's this scene where Misao went to the forest to "pick up" Kenshin to fight Shishio who has "ruled" the town. The first thing he asked Misao was, "Kaoru-dono?". It is just so crystal clear that he can never wipe off Kaoru's image from his mind. He keeps thinking about her although in fact he has an important duty to study the ultimate technique, yes.. Kaoru is still on his mind. When Misao said Kaoru was found, he was trying really hard not to be all smiley about it... Instead, a very faint smile was formed somewhere in Kenshin's lip corner.. How expression-less.. I don't get it why he has to be like that? But but but... somehow as we all know, Asians don't really do PDA, so imagine if there's this split of gestures... we can be sure that they really mean it and it could mean deeper than it actually is~ Like... Kenshin and Kaoru doesn't have to make out to show the world that deep down they really care to each other. I find it amusing, really~ I mean, I am not used to people doing PDA all over the place either but still Kenshin and Kaoru's scenes just beautiful as they are. 

3. The sword case (cover)
Next is about the "saya" or the sword cover(?), not sure how to say it but you know what I mean right? I just realized that when Ken-san is fighting, the saya is always tucked safely at his "belt"... but I found one time when he faught with Shinomori Aoshi, he got cornered and he just left the saya somewhere... when he was finally done with Aoshi, he could exactly locate where he dropped his saya.. I just found it really amusing. If it were me, maybe the scene where I was busy searching for my saya would be humor of the movie. LOL
As a reference, below is the name of parts of KATANA (Japanese Sword)

source: [x]

4. The fighting scene
I must say the fighting scenes are very intense. In Kyoto Taika Hen, I adore the fighting scene in which Seta Soujiro breaks Kenshin's sword, the Sakabato.

gif source: [x]

I thought that fighting scene is beautifully taken but in this movie what I like most is of course the last fighting scene between Saito, Aoshi, Sano and Kenshin against Shishio. I can't deny it gives me shiver for it shows how strong Shishio is. In the end we are served with the appearance of the ultimate Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki from Kenshin... Wow, seeing all these techniques in live action is just a great previlege for a long time fan ljke me. When I watched this for the first time I still could not grasp who actually did the ultimate technique... thinking that the four fighters attacked Shishio and killed him...after the second and third time watching I finally got it that the last fighting was meant for Kenshin to do the Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. 

Let's roll it up to number 4... maybe I can continue the blabs until 2834732 but I don't have the time now.. I literally write this one point in one time.. seriously~

Anyway, if you like Ruroken as much as I do, why don't you leave comments? I'd love to talk about this series with other fans :)


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