Happy Birthday, Love

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Anyway... happy birthday my lovely, Jung Soobin~ 

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Minho: The Maze Runner

I just watched another fantasy movie at the cinema yesterday. It’s “The Maze Runner”. That movie is awesome. I like it. It’s a book adapted movie, and I haven’t read the book, so I don’t have the comparison.
I will just talk about the character that I like in the movie. Since the first minutes of the movie, my eyes went to a runner named Minho. He just looks different from the rest. He looks awesome with the runner straps strapped on his body and I secretly admire his dimples. LOL

If you watch the movie, you can see how a runner can also be defeated by fears and the wish to survive. He was late to go out of the maze and the maze door closed before his eyes. Thomas is the one with guts to help Minho and Alby to spend the night at the maze. Alby was knocked out by a Griever and somehow he must be kept safe, yet Minho initially wanted to just run away saving his own ass. Thomas made Minho stay and forced him to help lifting Alby’s body so that he won’t be found by The Grievers. In the middle of lifting Alby, a Griever comes close to them. Thomas begs Minho not to leave him and Alby, but Minho leaves Thomas with a rope holding Alby up the ivy plant, made Thomas overwhelmed by Alby’s weight. Lucky that he found a dent below the ivy. He could hide from the passing Griever in an instant.

After tying up Alby on top of Ivy plant, he roams around and of course he meets a Griever. At that critical time, Minho goes back and helps Thomas. They become the first who survive inside the maze at night.
Later when they hold a meeting, Minho bravely admits that he chickened out and left Thomas and Alby by themselves. I am touched by this scene. Minho did a mistake, but he went back to Thomas and Alby and he helped them as well, not to mention that later he admit his mistake in front of other Gladers and he gives credit to Thomas as a non-runner who manage to save Alby’s life inside the maze.

I love how Lee Ki Hong portrayed himself as Minho, a very brave boy. I read a few comments The Maze Runner facebook page, the fans are sort of agree that Lee Ki Hong has depicting Minho character perfectly.

Anyway, he makes me want to read the book because people said he gets more spotlight on the book than on the movie. You gotta see this movie and lemme kno who your favorite is and why? ^^


I thought I saw him somewhere starring a movie or tv series, here it goes. He plays at youtube famous short drama which features Victor Kim and Jenny Frmheadtotoe.. See? THAT IS WHY HIS FACE IS FAMILIAR!! DANG IT WHY I CANNOT RECALL *SOBS*

Here's another short movie he starred: 

And this one!!

And one moooooooooreeee: