Benny ♥

I love pictures that has certain depth and tells more than just a picture could tell... I have been liking this guy. I don't use the word love here because I think I am not in that stage yet. I wonder if there is one single lady in this earth who never heard of his name.. Is there any? This guy is in his golden time of his life... all his movies, plays and audiobooks are highly on demand... If you can't figure out who he is then I give up... Pardon me~

What I love about this picture? It just a pictures that tells how he lowered his head and directed his ears up to the girl's level... I wonder what they were talking about... Look at that posture, he allowed himself to be interrupted while doing something like putting his signature over a piece of poster or magazine? He just looks extremely sexy~ The way he listens to the whisper while still being busy with the thing he has been doing (before the interruption). 

Oh so beautiful.. 

One more photo that I found today~ 

If only the girl next to him got inside the frame... this picture would be lovely...
But the picture itself is really beautiful~

Very highly Bennified~

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