How can you not get romantic about baseball?

If you're a baseball fan, you would hear this quote once or twice written or spoken by someone about something baseball related. I did not know what it means and why people said it, but little by little I start to understand. I mean, I don't know how about you guys, but to me baseball is important, Korean baseball in particular.

This morning I found a tweet from #DoosanBears hashtag with a pic of one of Doosan Bears players named Oh Jaeil (former infielder of Nexen Heroes) with two hands of Nexen coach on his ears. I can't help not to feel deeply touched. *wipes tears* Baseball coaches are really like fathers, daddies, especially those specific coach (pitcher coach, catcher coach, etc) for the players. They are just extremely close to each other. Coach often remembers players' statistics and they care a lot for them as well. This picture below, a coach from Nexen Heroes shows his caring towards Oh Jaeil by closing Oh Jaeil's ears preventing them to get stiff because of the cold weather. And as you can see, they are from different teams, but the bond just never fade away although Jaeil was transferred to other team. 

Nexen Heroes fans are very passionate about their baseball team. On 2011, there were some fans strike regarding players trades and transfers, up to the level where those players are permanently banned from watching Nexen at their home stadium, Mokdong Baseball Stadium. I guess the players themselves are really close to each other and the relationship with the fans are warm. 

On 2013 when I first realized that Doosan Bears got a new player traded from Nexen Heroes (Nexen got Doosan's Lee Sungyeol and Doosan got Nexen's Oh Jaeil, both are player number #36), I couldn't help but thinking "Who the heck is this guy? Why is he here?"... but when I saw him at Post Season games, I came to the realization that Oh Jaeil has become a part of Doosan Bears. Doosan players have accepted him as a part of the team and he did their best for the team as well. 

Dear Oh Jaeil, pardon my lacking of acceptance but I love you the way I love other Doosan players. I hope you enjoy your stay and not thinking to go anywhere ;) 


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