My baby grows up (?)

Some people are afraid of changes; probably I am one of them. Just this morning I watch some videos about Jung Soobin and I am actually in shock. I’ve been roaming around Doosan Bears’ facebook page, official and non-official, and I see people started to call him with a name that I never heard before. People called him 개독사I am not sure what the means but the 독사means venomous snake. Earlier today I watched a video http://youtu.be/QWz_Gjx1878 

and I can’t help myself not to feel a mild shock. Our Soobin is no longer shy!!! He looks so cheeky and cute in the same time. Well, I still see some speechless moment but he is now more entertaining. Like in a session he said that the nickname 수빈 어린이and 애기 곰 made him feel burdensome. Instead, he chose his own nickname which is 독사 , I chuckled. I mean, come onnnn, what do you mean by referring yourself as a venom? LOL. You even still look cute while being a 23 years old. Somehow I feel uneasy with the interview because he is suddenly being tricky and playful, yes, he is learning a lot probably from his sunbaes. He probably have lost his naïveness and being a man, a real man. Hahahaha… It’s not that I am despising it or something, I am just not used to it yet. I don’t know.
I like him a lot and I have been watching him grows these 3 yeears and I just hope he is not becoming someone different from the first time I know him. Yep, it would be lovely if he can be that nice guy, just like he used to be. I think the cheeky him is the image he wants to put on the screen, while deep down I believe he is the same person. How time passes really fast and he starts to look older, yet to me he is still that baby bear. I count the day till he finally refuse to act cute for the team. LOL

These few pictures below are the pics taken when he volunteered to play for charity. Can you believe that finally he can do the position he has been wanting to do? Yep, he pitched for the game. Cannot even dream about this myself. Well, before drafted as an outfielder, I heard he used to pitch for his former team (amateur team). I laughed at his pitching style. LOL~ 

This is him when he did the fansign. Yes, yes, he is still that adorable... right? Looking all cute in blue sweaters, but you know that kind of blue is the color of Samsung Lions... It's really heartbreaking to think he might jump to Lions for the next season (ain't happening). Just my paranoid fangirl heart tho... Look how fluffy he looks!!

사랑해 비니야~ 넌 내 맘이 있어 ^^