Morning RANt

This few days, hasook halmoni has always been very loud in the morning waking us up, turning off lamps at the aisle and the most annoying is telling us to shower~ WHAT ON EARTH??? SERIOUSLY!!! I work hundreds of miles from my mother not to hear other people doing exactly the same thing (telling me to shower early in the morning) besides... I shower only after I'm done cooking... mind your own life cycle~!! 

짜증 to the 나!!! 

That's how I start this day. It doesn't stop there tho~
I took a bus, it was really fully packed of people (JAKARTA in the morning, yes!!), after a while someone went off and I took over his seat.. Some people stood right in front of me for I got the back seat with no seats in front of me. 
It was okay... until the driver decided to step on the break all of sudden and I dunno where was the idea came from.. my left arm stretched out trying to find something to maintain my balance and here it was landed on a man's butt. 
WHATDAFUG, REALLY??!!!! WHY?!!! WHY!! My face.. turned color into.. the upper part of traffic light.. SHIT!!!! 

It continues.. don't worry~
When I wanted to get out of the bus... another man wanted to take over my seat and a woman next to him (further than my position) did not want to give me a way out from the bus. I ended up pushed the man... ACCIDENTALLY (bcos I need to get out, MIND YOU) and guess where my hand landed~ I dunno where was that.. all I kno it was an area on his stomach or something.. I DID NOT EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT further!!!! FFFFFFFF!!! What day is it today and why did these things happened to me in the morning, my crankiest time of the day? Arghhh!! Not that I want them to happen on the other time tho~ 아아악!! 쪽팔려 죽겠어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

and then this photo of 빵 shows up on my twitter timeline... OTL

weakly waves,

hasook halmoni = 
(Indonesian) nenek penjaga kosan

(English) old landlady/ boarding house manager, sort of

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