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During the weekend I re-explored the pictures on my old iPod and there I was at Doosan Bears folder, opening the pictures one by one, I just found out that I have so many pictures of Lee Jongwook (player #39 of Doosan Bears) beside a lot of Lim Taehoon and of course my favorite, Jung Soobin. Short explanation, Lee Jongwook is a center outfielder of Doosan Bears until this year when Doosan decided to let him go to his new team, NC Dinos (whose manager used to be Doosan's manager back in 2011 before he resigned). When I browsed through the photo gallery, I felt pain, especially when I saw those pics of him and Soobin and with other players. When can I see him playing as Doosan player again? I never properly grief because I keep on thinking about something else until yesterday (Sunday) when I was alone at my hasook.

Actually the video when he greeted Dinos fan together with his team mate who also went to NC Dinos, Son Shiheon, broke me up the most. I didn't realize it all until they appeared at the video asking support from Dinos fans. I suddenly almost broke into tears. How about us? We love you too. We have a support song that is sung only for you. Do you know how special you are to us, Doosan fans? I feel so sad. Indeed, he is not my main favorite player but to me he will never leave. He has been really dilligent during practice, someone even tweeted along with a picture saying that after the rain he would go out first (while the team is still inside the room) and he would clean up the dugout. He has always been that dilligent. If you follow Doosan for a few years, you would never think he would ever leave considering his loyalty towards the team.

He has been really close with Soobin too. They always run together, catching balls and covering each other at the out field. He is a leader. I don't know how would Doosan go on without him and I don't know how Soobin (left outfielder) and Hyunsoo (right outfielder) would do after their hyung left the team.

I cried really hard. I did not get the reason why he would left the team. Did he really have to go? Who got the idea to change team? Is it because of money? I really don't get it.

Anyway, dearest Jongwook Oppa... I am waiting for you to comeback. I will go to Korea one day... maybe in five years.. by that time your contract with NC will be finished and I hope you will be back to Doosan and you will decide to retire with Doosan.

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