OH no!!!

I forgot to give my standing ovation for Oh Seunghwan for doing his best last night. I dunno how a 151km/hr ball can be hit into a homerun... it's either Oh Jaeil's luck or Oh Seunghwan's misfortune (I just realized they share the same surname, LOL). Anyway.. Oh Seunghwan did 4 innings, 53 pitch (something too much for a closer who did only 39 pitch at most on the regular season), did 6 strikeouts in a row out of 8. Amazing!! 
New York Yankees is actually showing their interest in him. Awesome pitcher. Glad to see him perform last night. He might not be available on Game 3 but most probably gonnabe ready for Game 4. Can't wait to watch him frustrating the Bois further. LOL

Ok.. that's my first admiration to a non-Doosan creature.. ㅋㅋㅋ 

암튼... have a nice and calm (LOL) Saturday bcos Game 3 only starts tomorrow at 2 KST.


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