OH no!!!

I forgot to give my standing ovation for Oh Seunghwan for doing his best last night. I dunno how a 151km/hr ball can be hit into a homerun... it's either Oh Jaeil's luck or Oh Seunghwan's misfortune (I just realized they share the same surname, LOL). Anyway.. Oh Seunghwan did 4 innings, 53 pitch (something too much for a closer who did only 39 pitch at most on the regular season), did 6 strikeouts in a row out of 8. Amazing!! 
New York Yankees is actually showing their interest in him. Awesome pitcher. Glad to see him perform last night. He might not be available on Game 3 but most probably gonnabe ready for Game 4. Can't wait to watch him frustrating the Bois further. LOL

Ok.. that's my first admiration to a non-Doosan creature.. ㅋㅋㅋ 

암튼... have a nice and calm (LOL) Saturday bcos Game 3 only starts tomorrow at 2 KST.



Love You, DB ♥

We can enjoy the 5:1 winning tonight and the 2-0 of the Korean Series but there are 5 more games to go. It scares me to think how tough this 5 games gonnabe. Tbh, Doosan players are tired physically... so far they did 11 games already within less than a month while Samsung only did 2... if only physical strength is the only thing needed to win this, I'm 101% sure Doosan is already finished since Game 1 against Samsung. Luckily, there are other factors that can help a team to win, they are endurance and mentality. I really respect 감독님 for being able to bring back the team's mentality that they can win the first playoff games against Nexen although they fucked up not only once but TWICE, but they learned from their mistakes and MOVED ON. They started again from the scratch and won 3-2. Now they are here in the peak to fight for the trophy, they have prepared themselves for any possibilities that might happen in the future... Winning or losing is not important, to fight until the end is more important. 

Today is about endurance and the willingness to fight until the end no matter how frustrating the game could be. I'm gonna appreciate whatever result that will come out at the end (6th or 7th game) bcos I know they give their best 

5 more games to go. Be strong, be confident and always FIGHT until the end. 

두산베어스 사랑합니다♥



#31 응원합니다

“Dear @Somikkd♥ You don't know how long I've been waiting for the day like this when you just come out of your shell and show the world that you can do it. You can support the team even when the ship is almost sinking, that is the thing that I'm proud of most, although the ship still sinks anyway. I won't forget that slight smirk after your last hit which actually puts the tied score. If only the rest of the team would do the same... putting their best effort... 끝까지... It's okay, Baby~♥ Things will get better in Jamsil. I just want to cherish today. I want to remember the 3 hits, which is a lot for someone who rarely played lately~ Sorry for not trusting you that you will keep being strong and you won't let people push you down. And you won't go anywhere on 2014.. Doosan will keep you the way Gamdoknim put you in the field until the end of the game. You are a gem. Thanks for your effort that makes me, as your fan, proud and relieved. This is a bitter sweet birthday gift for you, yet the sweeter ones will come along. Keep the faith and always do your best. ㅅㄹㅎㄷ, 수빈아~♥”