Do you need a man? Miss A's song.

Have you ever heard of this song? Well, if you like Kpop, maybe you should listen. If you don't get it, you can read the translation too here. I found the song is really fun, so I decided to put it on my iPod, not mentioning the lyric is very provocative. Well, you can roll your eyes if you want, but I feel that this song is me, except the confidence part (I'm not really confident with maself).

If I think again... indeed I work now and more or less I pay everything by myself, my rent, my phone bill, my food, my clothes, everything.. somehow this is actually bring out certain "power" to me, I see life more positively because I can do things myself.

I've been feeling disturbed with the people around me who thought women cannot live without men. Really? If you read this and you thought so... oh well.. poor you~ For me, in term of independency, I prefer working so that I can feel my own "power". I am a big spender and I often feel guilty about it, but on the other hand, the money that I spent, they are mine~ I work, therefore I have some money.

I talk to an old friend. He's really kind and chatty friend. When he knows that I'm single he told me "How can you expect yourself to get someone, you are a foreign university alumnus and you work in a big city, you are always do things by yourself, very independent? Men are chicken out seeing you like this.. I always thought about whether you have thought of your decision to study abroad well because men can be very intimidated reading your CV, IMHO"~

I laughed really hard hearing it. What is that? XDD

Anyway, I just thought about it now.. he might be right, but I don't care.. if a man wants to know me more, they will come closer, no matter what.. right? And if they think my CV makes them chicken out, then by all means.. back off.. give a way for other men.. LMAO~ I sound really cocky.. but no~ I'm not like that.. I just wanna say, to work or not to work is women's choice. Both have their own positive and negative impacts.. To work or not to work.. it's your choice. Don't let men make you down by looking low at you for hundreds reasons, we have to be proud of ourselves. Okay, Ladies? ^^