Steven Jam @ Jakarta Clothing Festival

Yesterday was a lot of fun.. Been waiting for years to finally be able to jam at Steven Coconuttreez/ Steven Jam's live performance. Thanks a lot to Mbak Yeti for taking me to Parkir Timur Senayan. Yea.. I went there alone thinking that I will only watch Steven Jam and then heading home. No shopping plan nor anything else.. just Steven.

I reached the spot around 8, just exactly the time of their show which was tweeted by @tegedreads. I was rushing actually. Little that I know, they do the ticketing (glad it wasn't that expensive, 20000 rups) and I did not know that they will have friggin 7 stages. How could I find Steven's gig thennnn?? I was rushing around one area to another only to find the gig and I went like that for 30 mins. I smsed my friends hoping they would help me browsing some info because my internet died on me. Glad Niken, my bestie, came with an info that Steven Jam is performing at NuShock stage which I had passed for 3 or 4 times. The message came exactly when I walked to the direction to find the reggae rhythm that I heard.

When I was on the spot, too many people flocking and I think they have played around 1-3 songs while I went searching for them. I listened the rest 4-6 songs and I must say that I am happyyy, way too happy.. They played SaCT'songs too (Lagu Santai, Gudbye Anjing, Bebas Merdeka) and they played Steven Jam's songs (Bertahan, Sangat Menyenangkan ?). I'm a happy Kawanan. It is just worth all the sweats and discomfort of getting lost all the time ==*

Glad seeing you again, Guys