Deadly Embarassment X_X

Please allow me to have a moment of silence before I start working. Seriously.. things are just getting crazier and crazier for me these day and especially today. To make it shorter, I will just review quickly the background and then straight to the happening.

I've been following this young ustadz via twitter. Not because of his cute face or anything, I follow his twitter because sometimes he gives info about charity, etc. He seems to be someone who works with the infamous Ustadz Yusuf Mansur. Last Sunday 28th of April 2013, I came to the Monthly Majlis Ta'lim in Istiqlal. There you go, I saw someone on the stage and my brain directed me to the twitter account I have been following and guess what, I was freakin blown away. HE IS TOO DAMN CUTE, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!! Astaghfirullah.. since then I just ducked my face and not looking at him again. 

One curiosity grows in me whether he is married or not. To be honest, I don't like having feeling for married man... so these few days my head is full of idea of how to throw him the question. As crazy as it sounds, I have no courage in whatsoever form to ask, yet I really wanna know the answer. I had to, huh? I just had to.. So last night, I saw him tweeting, around 10-11pm. Quite late, actually. After hesitating for a few mins, I threw the question. I did not screencap it, but it was something like. "Maaf Ustadz, saya mau tanya. Apa Ustadz sudah menikah? Mohon reply saja, jangan di RT." (Translation: Sorry Ustadz, I wanna ask a question. Are you married? Please reply and do not retweet). Yupp.. I didn't even say thank you. I didn't kno how to react. I was waiting with shaking hands and ticklish feeling in my tummy. My feeling has been telling me that there is no way a guy like him could be unmarried in such age, considering he's a religion practitioner as well. As usual, I ignored my inner voice and decided to execute my decision. I was waiting for an hour and two, the reply did not come. Before I slept last night, around 12, I deleted my tweet to him to avoid embarrassment if someone else read my tweet to him (my twitter account is an open acc, so it is VERY possible for anyone to stop by and read my tweets). I DELETED IT, OKAY. 

Guess what happened this morning? As you can see in the picture below... 

To my freakiest surprise, he wrote back to me. I went wild. How come? How so? I DELETED MY TWEET TO HIM. I assume he didn't read my tweet to him. I was okay with the answer, I told you I have thought about it, but the thing that disturbs me was this.

Since I have deleted my mention last night around 12, it means he has read it before that, right? Then, he decided to reply this morning and I am sure that tweet has already gone by the time he wants to reply. Allow me to wildly assume he searched nook and cranny around his followers to find me and then to PRIVATELY mention me. He couldn't just easily push the REPLY button in the bottom of my tweet so twitter would automatically type my account's ID. He did that effort, that is the problem. 

I just thought, if I deleted it, he wouldn't bother looking around for my account and then directly mentioning me. I am so embarrassed by his deed. SERIOUSLY I AM NOW. I dunno how to live anymoar. *sobs* 

In the deepest embarrassment,

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