An Ok from Oom ARB!! *yaaay*

Suddenly I found a whole folder full of photos that I never got the chance to check out. They were taken on 2011, exactly on the 1st of October, when the baseball season was almost over. The weather was a bit chilly but the sun shone brightly. I think it was like the best photos I have ever made, but then I think I must ask Om ARB of a piece of his mind about this photo. He's been honest, as you can see from the previous posts back.

Well, here is my picture and a little of his thought. I hope he is honest tho XD

It's a picture of one of my favorites baseball player, his name is 임태훈 (Lim Taehoon). He is still young (born in 1988). I had a ball with his sign. I met him before he entered the players' room. How lucky I wassss!! Hahaha.. Anyway, I'm glad that this photo has a positive comment from Om ARB! I will keep on submitting pictures to him in the future. It's a free class of photography! Yaaay! 


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