A cup of coffee and a glass of berry tea

I don't know if you realize it or not but lately we start to loosen the foreign-ness in ourselves and start a new chapter of friendship. It was all started with you sharing those girl pics, those girl whom you dated and you explained to me each of them. I just smiled. You start to think I'm not a stranger. So cute of you, really... Never thought you could share this private things of yours. I'm listening!! ^^

And then the ball rolls and we start to opinionate our thought of each other. What kind of person I am in your eyes, and vice versa. It's fun. You made your points, I made mine. Nobody is protesting, thank God. Phew... 

I said to you that I notice you never address me the way you're supposed to address me. I guessed right, you just don't want to make an unnecessary intimacy with the person you're talking to, one of the way to prevent future heartache, is it? But it's cute. You talk like Koreans, a very formal one whom avoiding to address people, if not necessary. 

We always talked about a lot of things, but last night none of us seemed to want to be the passive ones, we both wanted to talk. How funny is that, we always tried to cut each others' talks. You've always been the quiet one, what was going on? Anyway, carry on... 

Your exes, your past relationships, you unbuttoned them one by one, no names, no dates surfaced, but the pain was so vivid, I could feel you clenched your teeth while spitting them out. It was all just the past. You have learned your lesson. You have to be with someone better. It's funny how we always bicker about how men and women are created differently. The expectations and selfishness that things should go according to our expectations. Two selfish people, we are, maybe that is why we get along too easily, don't you think?

I am glad we come to the place where we are now, where you can ask me when is my next vacation time, where I can make you drool over the concerts you want to attend, we are perfect trolls for each other, I guess. I am getting more and more homesick, you know?! I am glad we trust us to walk this path without crossing the line. You might bring back my trust over friendship containing a she and a he. I'm a long strayed friend-er who seeks someone who can see the same horizon without having to be stirred by the wind of change. Will we still be us? Let's give a try. 


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