Perfect Plotting

It's been horrible since Mom and Dad went to hajj. Someone at home (not the part of the family) has been enjoying her favorite shows that I loath so much. What kinda show? It's kinda drama on its ugliest form accompanied with horrible musics. For God's sake I don't know why I deserve this? I can't take it anymore, so now I'm waiting for a hard rain to come and then I will switch the channel for that particular TV channel. The rain is not coming yet but really, when it comes I will be ready with the remote control and I will do this plot. I can no longer tolerate this madness.
After I switch the channel setting for that particular channel, I bet she won't be able to search for it again. Dude, don't even dream to beat me in this and don't shove me your music for I have my own taste.

meany meany moo,

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