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It's always weird when someone we used to know pretty close suddenly keeping distance. Indeed, something happened in the past, some kinda problem, but it was like months ago and this person is just still holding into it.
It's a he. A professional baseball player, used to be my friend, if I even may call it that way. Now we are almost like strangers, even not like player and fan anymore. I am not blaming him for taking distance but somehow I feel said too realizing we are no longer friends. We used to be really close, talking via twitter almost everyday. Actually we still follow each other via twitter but we hardly talk. That is sad. 
If I may look to the past, the problem was actually from our discussion. We were talking about the existence of fans and players in baseball. I was saying that players should treat their fans well, etc up to the point that we were kinda arguing that players and fans could never share the same feeling about baseball since fans can only cheer while it's the hardwork of the players that will bring the team to success. 
We were arguing so hard that I felt that what he said hurt me as well as a baseball fan. He was swearing at me via twitter. I was so sad, I DM him telling him to delete his tweets to me because I hate how other people are stalking our convos and then they just appeared out of the blue, mingling into the convo. Guess what? He refused to delete it. 
I was so hurt that I decided to stay away from him, in fact I filter him out of my tweetdeck because I really do not want to see his name at my timeline. After a while, I said hi to him again via new account, he followed me back so I locked that account. I tried to keep in touch with him tho sometimes he still snapped me for the things that is not even hurting. Even a praise about his new uniform (now he joins some MLB club, I forgot the name) could lead into a snap and that was in the morning. It was like... his snap was the first thing he did after checking his twitter?
Then I come to a new realization that this guy must be sick in mind that he can only hurt people who tried to befriend him. Since then I quit talking to him. After a few months, I tried to say hi and he only answered coldly and yesterday was the day when I fully realize it. I posted a pic of him from KBO and he answered only "cool....". I see no more future in our friendship. 
I don't know what was in his mind, maybe he was upset about something but he always managed to find a way to let it out to someone innocent. This guy needs an anger management. 
I think I linger too much on my past. I thought it's a pity that our friendship becomes like this since we were good friends before. Anyway, I am a sensitive person too, that is why I always watch my words when I tweet him because I know he is short tempered, yet still he managed to snap me for something even un-snap-able. LOL~ I guess we are truly over. 
In the past, he voluntarily gave me his old glove. His position was as outfielder and maybe he brings a lot of gloves with him. He gave me a Rawlings glove, something that costs so much... X_X I swear I never asked him to give me anything. I am never that kinda person who always try to use others. He actually promised to give me his Dr. Dre earphone but I never really asked him about it again after he said it. Later on he decided to give me the glove. I like the glove more, it has memory with him, so I think it's more precious. Wanna kno how it looks like?

Okay... I think that's all... I lost my mood to write more. I might be back to edit this post, but unlikely no. LOL~
Lovin' you this much,

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