New Phone REQUIRED!!!

If you recall an incident I had last few weeks, I still have the phone with me. I'll just retell it. So this friend is somehow got interested to my phone and she just decided to swap her phone with mine. Mine was Nokia 1200 and hers is Nokia XpressMusic blabla.. As you can guess.. actually mine costs far less than hers, yet she lost my phone (while we're still swapping). Until now I still have her phone yet that phone keep dying on me at the time when I need it the most, like yesterday. I give up. I will just return this phone and get a new one. Somehow I got my eyes set on a cheap phone by Samsung. A clam shell one... it would be lovely if I can get the purple one! Hohoho...

I dunno how will she repay me for losing my phone that I love dearly. I have all my contacts and a few special smses and notes. It hurts me a little everytime I think about it. I don't know. Shall I forget it and start a new life with a new phone. I can't take it anymore. If this XpressMusic got broken while it's still with me, I'll be in deeper trouble, I guess. I'm sick of this. I should be able to say no next time for anything that I don't like or doesn't meet my agreement/liking. Once my little bro will come from his interview, I will ask him to take me buying this phone. 
If it were you, what will you do if you were my friend who lost somebody else's phone? Will you buy the new one or just being all silent after saying thousands of apologies? If it were me, I will buy her the phone, exactly like the one I lost. If that kinda phone is no longer exist, I will let her choose the phone she likes with the same range of price. 
This is so shitty that I just can't forget this incident. I hate the fact that it's me who has to be burned by the thing that I did not even innitiate in the past (the swap). Responsibilities? Where are you when people need you? Fuck my gut for never showing up when I need it the most. I need it now to finish all this shits I'm dealing, to just ask what I deserve and all. Yet, as usual, I just chose to be in silencio. 

yours who misses her old phone a lot,

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