Feeling Beautiful~

Complication. Why it never leaves me.. I deal with complications until today and I just felt sometimes it's all too much. I overthink anything, that's not a secret, and it's just getting more and more outta hand. One case, someone I know want me to write my experience and then making it a book. As silly as it sounds, I don't like that idea myself since you can see there are loads of books nowadays and they are all talking about my 2nd homeland, why would I want to be person #3929 who wants to do the same thing? About my scholarship, I bet there are loads of books that talk about how to get a scholarship nanana and those people write in more civilized ways than I do. I can't just tell people, "I got this scholarship because I'm just one of those lucky brats who get things they want in one try. Well, not exactly one try but in my case I just got it. I'm not even a bright student. Not at all. That 2 years of graduate school, I actually get to know myself, learn how to be independent and count on myself. Studying was something I do in my free time, the main thing was walking around enjoying my stay, trying to make friends, absorbing things around me, realizing my weakness, etc etc. My mark isn't excellent either, and to be honest, I don't really like to talk about school. LOL~
So yeah.. I'm still trying to figure out what to write and how I will do it. What is interesting enough to write about myself that worth sharing? I dunno... 

That picture above, I just wanna post it as a reminder that dream really do come true. I'm one of the witnesses that miracle do exist. The wish to study abroad without paying is a big dream indeed and it's possible to be realized. How can I write it? I'm still figuring out~


Photo is captured from Up the movie by Pixar~

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