111109 Tablo’s Solo Performance at Lee Sora’s Second Propose

Since Icarus-walks.net is removed and moved to a new domain without my fanaccounts being transferred there.. Here is my fan account for Tablo's solo debut performance at Lee Sora's program entitled "Lee Sora's Second Propose"

Today I went a bit late. Actually I got number 48 but since I came 10 mins before the entering time, I was standing in the end of the line. I was lucky enough that they let me join the queue (the queue of late people OTL) and I gave Jelly’s letter for Dan Oppa to YG staff who managed Tablo fans at that time.

I didn’t see time much because to be honest I am very nervous. Nervous about my seat and nervous of what I am going to see. I don’t know what Lee Sora’s Propose program is. In my head, it is something like Sketchbook in which there some guests who came and sings. I thought I would see Dan Oppa singing 1 or 2 songs and then I will get to see other performers too. Surprisingly the program is not like that, Lee Sora’s Second Propose is a music program in which Lee Sora is the MC and singer and they would feature one singer to sing their songs (albums) in this program. CMIIW. I dunno if this is only special for Dan Oppa or they also do the same thing for other singers.

I will tell my experience according to the song and interview performed in the stage:

1. Song: (Dan Oppa + Lee Sora)
Anyway, the show was started with the song . Dan Oppa and Lee Sora stood in the stage, well actually only Lee Sora who stood because Dan Oppa sat on a chair. They sang so perfectly, just like in the CD, very moving performance. People were literally lullaby-ed by Lee Sora’s voice and Dan Oppa’s smooth rap.

2. 1st interview: Dan Oppa
After they finished the song, Lee Sora told Dan Oppa to hold hand and then bow to the viewers. And then then they dragged their own chairs to sit closer and had a talk. At first Lee Sora asked about the album. Some fans were waving their album on the right side of the stage. Lee Sora asked Dan Oppa what was that (because she obviously couldn’t see) and Dan Oppa answered, that’s my album. At first Dan Oppa was so tensed, he didn’t talk much and he sat almost in the edge of his chair (trying to secure safe distance from Lee Sora, maybe XD) that I think if I move my finger to push him, he will fall epically from the chair… XDD And then Lee Sora was also asking him to call her Sora-ssi instead of Lee Sora sunbae because she doesn’t want to feel a lot older from Dan Oppa. Then, Dan Oppa jokingly said.. Ok, Lee Sora-ssi… or… Sora-ya… All people, especially Lee Sora cracked up so hard and said “Aigo”. In this talk also he said that this program will be the last program to promote 열꽃 because he wants to present music that is heard instead of seen (I literally translate from what he said, in other words, he will only let people listen to his music instead of looking at his performance). Even YG sajangnim knows Dan Oppa well. Dan Oppa added that YG sajangnim said to him “Just do your music, ok? Don’t worry about anything else”.
This first interview was basically about how Lee Sora and Dan Oppa know each other and how they admire each other’s music. Lee Sora was so surprised when she was requested to be featured in this album. She was very excited. Dan Oppa was also the same, very enthusiastic and nervous at the same time because when he made the song he was considering a lot about the melody that would be sung beautifully by Lee Sora. Dan Oppa always made a mistake in calling Lee Sora, he always used Sunbaenim and then laughed and then corrected into Lee Sora-ssi… So cute…

3. Song: Tomorrow (Dan Oppa + Taeyang)
The 2nd song performed was Tomorrow. Before the song started, Dan Oppa gave a bit of introduction that he will sing a song and he will also bring international artist as the guest. It’s Taeyang. The song was performed great, but since the stage is not too big and Taeyang brought his dancers (just like Inkigayo performance), they couldn’t move freely. I believe there were 6 dancers and then Dan Oppa + Taeyang. X_X But still, the song was sung perfectly. They did the body high-five again which drive the fans insane, they shouted loud XD. Dan Oppa wardrobe was  a bit the same as the Inkigayo’s Tomorrow but he wore different top (Inkigayo was black leather jacket but today is dark grey cardigan) and the same scarf (does somebody already find out what brand is that?) plus a unique goldish leaves necklace that he also wore in Inkigayo performance.

4. 2nd Interview: Dan Oppa + Taeyang
This interview is very cute too. Taeyang was somehow placed in the middle between Lee Sora and Dan Oppa. Since Taeyang is in the middle, Dan Oppa sat normally in the chair (no longer sit in the edge of the chair XD). They talked about the achievement of Bigbang to attend MTV something in Europe. So, they were chosen as one of international artists blabla (which explains why Dan Oppa introduced his guest as international artist?). Dan Oppa only said .. 부러워 (Wah, I am jealous). And then Lee Sora asked Dan Oppa, “What did YG sajangnim (CEO, owner) said to you when your music topped Canada iTunes?” Dan Oppa answered, “We often sent sms. When sajangnim heard I was on top of iTunes chart, he sent me a congratulatory message with a very cute emoticon. I was so surprised.” He didn’t say what kind of emoticon is that, but he was really surprised because they almost never uses emoticon while messaging before. Lee Sora continued to ask Taeyang if he ever got the same sm s from YG sajangnim. Taeyang said they never had such a thing. “Maybe because we meet very often, so he just directly congratulate us”, Taeyang added. One question: Does Dan Oppa has special power to melt people’s heart? Even YG sajangnim? XDD

5. 3rd song: 나만 바라봐 by Taeyang

6. 4th song: 고마운 숨 (Dan Oppa + Yankee + Bong Taegyu)
When the music started Dan Oppa asked people to stand up while enjoying the song. People stood up and clapped their hands. A very happy song, indeed, the rap were performed well by Yankee and Dan Oppa, while the chorus (or bridge?) was sung by actor Bong Taegyu very well too. The three people performed the song cheerfully and fans brought up their CD and waved it).

7. 3rd interview: (sitting order wise) Bong Taegyu, Yankee, Dan Oppa, Bumkey
This interview was the last interview in the program. At first the four people were asked of how they know each other. Apparently they are friends for a long time. Not 4 people together, but each 3 people with Dan Oppa. For example Bumkey, he knows Dan Oppa for a long time already. In this album his role was as a guide. Dan Oppa explains further that when he composed his music, he usually sang his own song and then he would gave it to the artist/singer that he wanted to feature. Sometimes, this can’t work well because when he used his own voice, the artist will get different feeling out of the song. Therefore, Bumkey becomes the guide (they call it guide, if I am not mistaken) for this album, singing all the songs here to be heard by the artist/singers who will be featured in. Lee Sora asked Bumkey to sing one song and Bumkey chose Airbag which is sung by Yoo Naul in the album. His voice is awesome. Bumkey said he didn’t kno the other two (Yankee and Bong Taegyu and he just met them today in the program recording). The song 밑바닥에서 was also composed together with Bumkey. Dan Oppa said, this song is the hardest to compose because it is about his wife and his beautiful daughter (he literally said it, 우리 와이프 그리고 우리 이쁜 딸). That song is his love towards two most important people in his life.
While for Yankee, Dan Oppa explained that they made 고마운 숨 together, writing the lyric together. Dan Oppa also mentioned that Yankee is actually a rap teacher. He has some students who learn how to rap with him now. They have known each other for years and they helped each other in music and always support each others.
The last person is Bong Taegyu. At first Dan Oppa introduced him as a “close” person. He was always there when Dan Oppa was on his biggest depression, always in his side. Later on, Bong Taegyu explained that they have known each other for a long time. Actually Bong Taegyu lives in the same neighborhood as Dan Oppa, he lives exactly in front of Dan Oppa’s house. He often visits Dan Oppa’s house (almost everyday he said), especially during the scandal. Bong Taegyu said “I’m always beside him. Near him. During the hard time, I was in his side most of the time too.”

Bong Taegyu also said that he was the one who introduced Dan Oppa to his wife now. When at first he told Dan Oppa that he had arranged a blind date for Dan Oppa, Dan Oppa said “Is she beautiful” which later on protested by Dan Oppa. He said “That was not like that in my memory. I didn’t say that.” And then they were all laughing.
The part that I am not sure is whether it is Dan Oppa’s wife who introduced Bong Taegyu to Dan Oppa or it was Bong Taegyu who introduced Dan Oppa and Kang Hye Jung.

After that Lee Sora offered each of the three guests to say what they wanted to say to Dan Oppa. First, Bong Taegyu took out a letter that he will read for Dan Oppa. Dan Oppa’s reaction was so funny. “But we are so not “letter” person” and then he chuckled.
Music from piano was played when Bong Taegyu read his letter for Dan Oppa. The letter was about his thankfulness to Kang Hyejung as a good friend and his thankfulness to Dan Oppa who is a great husband, a great father and a good friend. They were always together during tough times, even when Bong Taegyu’s father passed away, Dan Oppa was always on Bong Taegyu’s side. “It’s relieving to know that Blo Hyung is always on my side. Ah, he’s there. He’s by my side. I am so relieved.” He said the word “relieved” a couple of times, showing how close their relationship is. When the letter is read, Dan Oppa tried to look back, hiding the tears that flow from his eyes. He tried not to cry by talking to Bumkey but that did not work. So he just looked away. After the letter was finished to be read, he needed a few minutes to calm himself down and then he was ready to say what he wanted to say about his friends who were in the same stage as him. He stopped for a while when he was talking because again he couldn't hold up his tears. I was also crying when the letter was read. It was very touching. Bong Taegyu and Dan Oppa were so lucky to have each other as a true bestfriends in their life.

Last song: 밑바닥에서 (Dan Oppa + Bumkey)
This song was performed awesomely by Dan Oppa and Bumkey. I love how the sweet voice of Bumkey fuses with Dan Oppa’s smooth rap. It is an eargasmic song, if I may say. The lyric is deep and the melody is very beautiful. Actually before the song was performed, Dan Oppa suddenly remembered something. He said, oh sorry and then he and Bumkey went to the backstage for a while. I have no idea what was the thing that he forgot. Anyway… it’s not important. Amazing performance.

At last, the recording program ends. People were shouting for encore but the stage curtain was down already. The director appeared and said sorry that those were the only performance that was prepared for today.

My note:
I feel happy that finally I arrived in the venue in time because OF COURSE I HAD TO BE LOST when I was in a hurry. Yeah, I got lost. I took the wrong train. I hate subway line 1 because it has so many branches and if you are not careful to take the right subway, the wrong subway will bring you to those branch lines and lead you to the middle of nowhere. OTL

This performance is one of the performances that touch me. It is very special and personal in the same time. Dan Oppa opens a part of himself in this program, telling people how he feels about his songs, the message that he wants to deliver, a bit about his friends and family. It is a bit sad that this program would be the last promotional program for 열꽃, but I still have the hope that Dan Oppa will perform somewhere else later. Anyway, the bad feeling after getting lost and running here and there to find the Art Hall were paid by the great performance of Dan Oppa and his featurings. I sincerely wish that you guys would be able to watch it with me because believe me nobody else have the right to watch his performance, other than his old time fans. I hope you guys would have the chance to see him one day.

I made more than 2000 words essay for this report for Jelly, actually. So if it’s boring or something like that you can skim it. ^^ Should you have questions or anything about this program, don’t hesitate to ask me. Also, due to my limited Korean and my short term memory, maybe I skipped some parts, I don’t know. Feel free to add or whatever~

Last but not least, thank you for reading ^^
Have a nice day!