111006 Doosan Bears vs Nexen Heroes: Last Game

Cory... he's such a mysterious. All of sudden he decided to meet at the two last games of Doosan at his stadium. The first day he gave me VIP ticket so I got in Nexen Heroes entrance. I saw some players but of course I go molla molla... I dunno who they are. There's one guy that I like and I only know his back number, but not his name. LOL~ 

The first time we met, he said! "You're small". Haha... He's funny! And I was just going "God, you're gorgeous". I dunno from where that words came out. I was so ashamed. I feel like a stupid! ><!! And even now when we kakao, he even remembers... Oh the girl who said "God, you're gorgeous". LOLOLOL~ Slap my own mouth! 

I was with Tan and as usual, she dominated the conversation. I was just staying quiet. But then I got the chance to talk to him after the game. He bought me a hot chocolate at Cafe Benne in Mokdong. We talk a lot, he talked a lot, I listen :P He told me lots of things about Korean baseball. I realized lots of things aren't like what it looks like from outside. 

The next day, me and 2 friends got table seat (our own tickets). Then I saw Cory near the dugout. He noticed us, so I came nearer! I talked from the above seat and he was near the dugout. At that time, Doosan players were exercising. Then I showed Cory my Baby Binnie. I pointed straight at Binnie. Cory made a face. While Binnie looked at us in confusion. Hahaha.. Those players are actually looking at us talking for a few mins already!! Hahahaha.. God! In normal condition, they wouldn't even look at me. But Cory seems to get lots of respect from Doosan players bcos he's an MLB player. He even got close with the fat player number 10 Choi Joonsuk. 

When I showed Cory my Baby, he said "Naaah, I don't want to take picture with him". He's so meannnnn!! Instead, the day before he took pic with Tan's fave player Kim Jongwook. Well, I like him too, but of course I like Binnie more :P But if Cory takes pic with Binnie, I'd die in jealousy! LOLOL~ Binnie looks me and and then looked at Cory... Maybe he thought what is that girl doing, talking to foreign baseball player!! X_X 

Then... when the game was almost started, I stood near the batting place where they hit the ball. Binnie was batter number 2. He had to be ready near there while batter number 1 played. While he was practicing with his bat, I said: Jung Soobin, saengil chukhahaeyo... First, he didn't turn his head. I said it again for 2nd time and he turned his head, looked at me and bow his head a bit. I was blown away ><!!

After the game was finished, I gave him his birthday package. A t-shirt and an Indonesia postcard. I just hope that he won't throw it away bcos too many people swarmed at him and I must fought to put my present at his hand since his both hands were occupied with bat bag and big training bag. Really hope that he won't throw away the bag ><!! 

Okay... too excited!! LOLOL~ I wrote happy birthday at twitter and also at his cy and cy message too. I don't think he would read~ But no harm trying :D I will give the other t-shirt later at Bears meeting on November. 

Ohh... I was telling you about Cory... X_X

Well, we didn't hang out too long. Maybe an hour or so. He was a bit sick, so he must go home soon. He will be back to US on SUnday. He said over and over... don't forget me. That's kinda funny since it was me who is supposed to say that. LOL~ He can be so grumpy and corny in the same time... I love the glove he gave me. I was actually rant at him bcos Tan got free glove, she got a pair but she just doesn't want to share with me while I share all my baseball things with her if I have two of the same things (like Soobin card). Then he said, come to Mokdong, I will give you one glove. I was like.... are you serious?? Apparently he is serious! I got the glove!! ><!!! The real glove for professional glove, unlike what was shared in Doosan game... 

I am a happy kitten