Ternyata orang sombong paling nggak tahan sama orang sombong lainnya ya…
Aku bener2 gak tahan sama manusia satu itu.
Di-tag di salah satu foto (bukan aku yang nge-tag) eh, di-remove sama dia. Padahal ga ada yang aneh dgn foto itu…
Diajakin chat, mbok ya jaga perasaan orang… Kalo emang ogah ngladenin, bilang aja sibuk… Eh malah tiba2 offline… Bokk, ndak punya manner ye…
Mending ganteng!!!!
Beuh!! Bikin esmosi jiwa aja!!
Awas klo ketemu suatu saat nanti! Kusiram aer comberan baru tau rasa!!!

I was over-reacting, I know…
Tapi untuk orang ini… Aku sudah tidak tahan lagi…

*jeritan hati orang yang emailnya kaga dibales??*

Now I am fighting with my own will to tag him!!
Duhhhhh!! Hentikan sok kecakepan itu karna kamu gak cakep!!!


Me as a devoted CLOUD and an E.L.F

Compared to most of you here, I might be a Newbie.
I started to love 슈퍼주니어 on mid 2008.
I always love them as a whole and always got troubled.
Especially when asked to pick favorite member because basically I love them ALL.
My first MV was 행복, my first reaction seeing the MV was WTH!!
Sungmin was very feminine and Teukie was so girlie... :(
But the song lingers in my head all the time...
And since the first time I saw 행복, I already recognized a husky voice
that I like so much, but I had the problem finding out who was that guy >_(Gyaaaaaaaaa…. Mianhae, 왕자님)

Then my love grows stronger for 김종운
I began to notice his struggles during 슈퍼주니어’s early rise.
The feeling of being unrecognized somehow reminded me on my high school time.
He is a loner, me too.
I had to admit that during my “searching” time,
I found out that KyuHyun’s voice was quite enchanting. Yet, I always turn back to my 왕자님…
It is delightful to see him smiling.
His laugh is the most adorable laugh that I am always yearning for,
because it means he is happy.
Then, it delights me too…

Although he was late to be recognized by people,
but I do believe that his shines would never fade away.
It takes only once for you to listen to his voice, then your heart will be tangled forever. You might forget his face, but you will never forget his voice.

I am glad that I finally rest my heart on him.
To me, he is not just ordinary idol.
To me, he is a true companion.
To me, he is a true healer.
To me, he is a loyal friend.
To me, he is one of the reason to find my dream.

I would never say I LOVE HIM
Because it is merely more than just LOVE

He is the most adorable guy I have ever known :)

as written in my SJ-world account :D


Congratulate ME??

-the pic of the certificate of admission is deleted since it contains private data-

Congrats to myself!!

*rolling on the floor because of happiness*


Happy Seong Min Day!!!

I can finally upload a .gif...

This is soooooo cute!!!