Taecyon... Temporary Heart Throbber

Dengan ini saya menyatakan bahwa saya adalah salah satu dari
segelintir orang sial yang terkena panah cinta Taecyon!!
He's my type of guy, despite the fact that he is a lot younger.
I've always fancy Bad Boy.
In a way, having them as a boyfriend would be a kind of new adventure.
Yet, I never had such kind of BF.
This Taecyon is actually not that gorgeous.
But his body language really shout aloud!!!
Everytime he looks at you, it seems like he wants to eat you alive!
This kind of guy, if he is targetting a girl, he would never stop until he can get her.
Love you, Taecyon!!

*but Yesungie is still my number one. I never get bored of him... ^^*

hugs, JINGGA

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