For you in plesters... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Dear Adhit my Love, my Princess, my Breeze…

I have learned that you have done so much lately, being too hopeful about something. I can understand that. It is so you. I know that. Your newest passion is overwhelming. You are always that explosive and obsessive. Sometimes your obsession drives you crazy, right? Calm down and listen to me…

Now the word FAILURE knocks your door, once again. I still remembered that rejection letter that you received 25th of November, 2009 just a day before you sent your application letter to Seoul. Indeed, you are a very strong person. You have proven me that you can pull yourself out of misery after a “NO”. I give you a standing ovation. Finally you gave a try for something that you are passionate about. I am glad about it.

Yet, this chance is not yours. Hey, don’t you remember that failure doesn’t mean the end of the world? Come on. I am sure you are stronger than this. Get up and stand up again. Run for your dreams!

I know you might be sad now. No, you are not sad, you are devastated, you are broken hearted, extremely disappointed and angry. Okay, I will give you a grief time for about a week, after that you have to be as optimistic as before, as cheerful as before, as notorious as before, as flirty as before, as brave as before, the words might go on and on, Darling... ;D
Don’t you think that I don’t see you get weepy everytime you think about this chance? You look outside the window and your mind start to wander the wishful thinking. I look at it every single day, until now you get another “NO” and you break down. It is okay, it is normal...

Look at the sky. Still blue? Yes, the sky is blue, but it doesn’t mean it’s in blue. The sky is blue which means it is not gonnabe rainy. Now, paint your heart light blue and smile. Feel the breeze that brushes your hairs. Remember that you always enjoy it? Go out and feel the touch of the breeze… and you know what? Although you are failed, the breeze is still as gentle as before, the sky is still light blue, and the sun is still shining. See? Failure doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Do you still want to weep? Should I dial Yesung’s number for you? Believe me, when he hears you sad, he will take the next flight to Indonesia to give you a warm embrace. That’s what you miss about him, huh?? Should I call him for you??? :D

Ah, your smile finally shines!!

Don’t be sad. That is not the only chance that you might get. Believe me there will always be other chances waiting. You just need to grab it.

Do you recall that Allah always gives what you want?? Sometimes Allah gives what you want in merely seconds, but sometimes Allah delay your wishes until the time is right. Maybe this time is not right for you. Trust me, the miracle will happen. You just need to pursue it.

C’mon don’t be sad. Don’t make Thynie, Urif, and other people who are hopeful to you feel sad. You have to stand up for them. Thynie had given her best to help you and you have given your best to write your letter. The letter is not bad, probably it is slipped somewhere and the committee did not see it. See, this is just a slipped chance. I am sure you will make it better next time. I promise you that Allah has provided you a nicer place. Maybe a place full of gorgeous guy? Hehehehe… don’t stop hoping for the best.

Dear Adhit, I love you. I love you so much. I know all the things that you have been longing for. Be patient. They will come after you when the time is right. It’s all merely about time. Always about time.

I hope you can learn much. I hope you can stand tall and never stop trying. You are the best and you know that.

Have a nice day and back to your cheerful life.

Love and hugs,

This is a letter for you when you failed the scholarship. I hope you can smile reading it. I love you!!!

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