World’s Within – a short tale of my broken heart

Yesterday I stayed up pretty late. Not only because of my translation work, but also I am watching a K-Drama entitled World Within.
The thing that really stroke me in the heart was the existence of the actor. I asked my sis, she said he is Hyun Bin. He is so damn gorgeous and cool.
If you pay attention to my love rush lately, you’ll see that my first husband, YeSung, is not that kind of guy. He’s cool indeed, but he is not that super duper gorgeous. This Hyun Bin guy really hit me hard. I hardly blinked during the drama.
But the saddest news came from my little sis. Yup, she told me that Hyun Bin and Hye Kyo are couple. My worlds turned into hell… I am really sad!
My point is, Hye Kyo is so beautiful. She can have any guys she wants, but why she took my first K-drama love, Hyun Bin. I really wanna cry now.
Bye Hyun Bin.
I can’t like you further when Hye Kyo is fooling around in your room. T.T

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