the day the Angels die...

Dear Angels a.k.a Lee Teuk fans

I think you better be on your bended knee asking for mercy.
You dearest one, Lee Teuk, has made the biggest fault by kissing this unsignificant girl.
Is he your real Angel?
If yes, pursue the girl.
Chase her.
Strangle her.
Mince her into pieces.
Feed her to sharks near Jeju Island.


I don't think this is created with photoshop or something like that.
This is Super Duper REAL.
Go look yourself.

As an E.L.F, I am jealous.
As a Cloud, I am relieved that my Cloud Prince is remained untouchable.

with my biggest sympathy,


my 'lil Sis, RAWKS!!!!


photo taken yesterday.
A Junior Championship of TaeKwonDo
Brawijaya University
My sis won the 2nd place....

Btw, she's with the red vest!



“A celebrity…

A job where it’s confirmed from the front, behind…and beside…

In front, they have fans who love them, and celebrities are smiling while watching those fans.

Behind them, there are several arrows flying at and piercing their backs.

Unintentionally, the flying arrows sometimes even pierce the fans that are in front.

On both sides, there are masses of people are watching over their front and back.

Even if their back becomes covered in blood from the arrows piercing from behind, they must smile for the sake of the fans that cheer them on and support them.

If they smile and work hard till the end, the public who’s watching them on both sides will slowly move to the front.

However if they can’t handle it, and if they’re upsetted a little, (the public) moves to the back and even shoots arrows.

Celebrities don’t know how many people are behind them, or what kind of people or what reason they have for shooting the arrows.

They’re not allowed to turn around and find out either.

Because if they turn around, the fans in the front will become completely shocked when they see the arrows that pierced their back, and the moment they turn, their entire body will be struck with arrows…

No one knows what kind of people are shooting the arrows, what kind of expression they have, or what thoughts run through their minds as they shoot the arrows.

It’s just that they simply enjoy the act itself, and they like it if new celebrities (especially ones with lots of past personal life) come out.


They live on stage and die on the internet…a job where it’s confirmed from front, back and side…

……that is a celebrity.”

By Lee Hyuk Jae - SJ


World’s Within – a short tale of my broken heart

Yesterday I stayed up pretty late. Not only because of my translation work, but also I am watching a K-Drama entitled World Within.
The thing that really stroke me in the heart was the existence of the actor. I asked my sis, she said he is Hyun Bin. He is so damn gorgeous and cool.
If you pay attention to my love rush lately, you’ll see that my first husband, YeSung, is not that kind of guy. He’s cool indeed, but he is not that super duper gorgeous. This Hyun Bin guy really hit me hard. I hardly blinked during the drama.
But the saddest news came from my little sis. Yup, she told me that Hyun Bin and Hye Kyo are couple. My worlds turned into hell… I am really sad!
My point is, Hye Kyo is so beautiful. She can have any guys she wants, but why she took my first K-drama love, Hyun Bin. I really wanna cry now.
Bye Hyun Bin.
I can’t like you further when Hye Kyo is fooling around in your room. T.T