Top 10 MAC Eye Shadow (according to Dunia Dandan_FD)

1. Sumptuous Olive
2. Trax
3. Shroom
4. Carbon
5. Crystal Avalanche
6. Aquadisiac
7. Humid
8. Cranberry
9. Amber Lights
10. Freshwater

I will make mine after I tried some of 'em :D



Happy Belated Birthday (Presents) *hehehe

This is a present from a very good "friend". He gave me this (finally) after a few weeks of my
birthday :D. Inside you can see there are two scarves (love them all), a lip gloss, and an eu de toilette. Cute!! Thanks An!!
(he made the box himself too)

This is a gift from a fellow teacher. His name is Mr. Andreas Greck. He is still young, but he has become an Opa recently. I am so happy for it, since his grand daughter is super duper cute girl with big blue eyes. She is such a candy. :D
Her name is Katelynn Greck.
Here she is!!

Back to the topic. At the end of his period in Indonesia, Herr Greck (he will be upset if I keep on calling him Mr. or Herr) gave me a package. There is one letter, a swan and two frogs. Very cute.
Both of them are made of EUROS!!!
Jep, Euros!!
Now I am confused about how to spend it since the box looks very cute and Herr Greck has spent quite some time to make this Origami thing...

Thank you, Guys...
You make my birthday joyful and fun.



Welcome to the World Baby NAINA!!!

Her name is Naina Sudiar Raihany. She is the first daughter of my best friend Eri and his wife, Elmy. She was born very quickly and she doesn't cry too much. Good girl!! :D
I wish you all the best for your future, Little Darling!!

big huggy from Aunty!!